Thursday, July 15, 2010

Current Work in Progress

We have a small septic system here at our summer place, and I don't pour colored rinse water into it. I thought I was being careful ferrying buckets of rinse water up the basement stairs to dump outside, but the work has been exciting and I was really cranking out the finished product; I hurt my back with the multiple trips. Rats. That has slowed production, I'm afraid.

I've been working on cotton floss, striving to produce colors with subtle variations along the lines of the Weeks Dye Works floss. The final steps in the process are all done rather blindly, and it's hard to tell what you have until the last step, when the finished floss is ironed and skeined, and only then you can see how the subtle striations of color travel through the threads. It's hard to tamp down the urge to pursue the task aggressively until my back feels better.


  1. Oh my goodness, what lovely colors!

  2. Pam, your floss is beautiful! Are you selling any of it or are they your treasures? LOL
    So about your back. You'll have to spend a bit more time stitching to help mend it. heehee

  3. Hope your back will get better soon.
    Your colors are beautiful. Are the threads you have in the picture from the cone you mentioned earlier?

  4. Cyndi:

    Welcome, Cindi! I don't sell, and they are indeed my treasures! Have you considered doing a little dyeing yourself? It's not difficult at all, and is terrifically rewarding. Stay tuned!

    Scattered Threads:

    Thank you for the good wishes. They worked! My back is better already. And all the cotton floss dyeing you'll see in these pages is indeed from that cone of white D.M.C. from

  5. Glad to see your back is better, and I love your floss it is beautiful!